Massive G4S Africa strengthens the Pride

Sunday, 04.Nov.2012

In a massive move to not only financially support Bhubesi Pride’s programmes on the ground in Africa, but to also assist with its huge network to offer additional CSR-led staff-community involvement, operational [and ‘Africa Legacy’] partner, G4S, provides an insight into its motivation behind strengthening the Pride…

G4S Africa collaborates with Bhubesi Pride through combined community work in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, from February.

Exclusive Interview

Elanie Kruger | Regional HR Director: G4S Africa

One of Bhubesi Pride’s three goals is to ‘inspire’ varied levels of participation, where others can contribute, to improve what we do. What was it that inspired you [and G4S Africa] to join the Pride?

“G4S constantly seeks to identify and support projects which provide sustainable benefits to the local communities in which we live and work. G4Sā€™ strategy is focused chiefly on developing the knowledge base and associated skill sets required to empower local communities and make a positive difference in the lives of its members.

In Bhubesi Pride, G4S has identified a partner which shares this vision of making a positive, sustainable difference in Africa. Using sport as a medium to educate and promote healthy life choices, Bhubesi Pride furthers many of G4Sā€™ core values, including teamwork, collaboration and integrity.

G4S firmly believes that sport, in addition to its inherent physical benefits, is a fantastic means of developing character and leadership. By positively influencing the youth of today, we help contribute to a better society tomorrow.”

You have an exciting CSR strategy to assist Bhubesi Pride’s partnering communities over the next 2-3 years. Can you summarise that for us?

“In addition to our financial contribution to Bhubesi Pride, G4S has also committed to providing on-going support to the in-country projects, which may include (as required):

  • Education programmes and associated training materials to educate local communities regarding various Health, Safety, Security and Environmental aspects relevant to their communities
  • G4S volunteers will be trained as assistant rugby coaches to perform training and coaching activities, allowing for the expansion of the program into neighbouring communities
  • Provision of transport, man-power and/or other logistical support, as required
  • Using our existing relationships with local government and clients to facilitate the upgrading of the school and sport facilities, where possible

By involving our staff from the onset and providing our full support, G4S hopes to ensure not only the long term sustainability of the initiative but that the project will also continue to grow over the coming years.”

What long-term impact would you personally like to see, with G4S collaborating alongside Bhubesi Pride in Africa? And how do you see your in-country involvement continuing in the future?

“The impact of G4Sā€™ involvement must be the betterment of the local communities through the provision of life skills education and the instilling of a core value system.

G4S believes that only through education, training and healthy competition can local communities and their members be empowered to achieve their full potential.

G4S will continue to support this worthwhile initiative and looks forward to making a tangible, sustainable difference through our involvement.”

Bhubesi Pride is currently introducing new and exciting CSR/CSI initiatives that are fun, easy to implement and hugely valuable to staff and businesses. To find out more about engaging your staff in wide-ranging in-country activities, contact us…

Uniting communities through rugby
Empowering staff & young leaders
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