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Friday, 14.Nov.2014

DHL is a major partner of RWC 2015. In a vibrant celebration of rugby, Africa and the brand’s close working relationship with our beloved continent, DHL SSA (its Sub Sahara division) is running an ambitious 11-month roadshow through 46 countries enroute to Twickenham – the venue for rugby’s greatest stage next September.

Their initiative is called ‘Africa As One’ and you can follow the team’s progress on their Facebook page

Bhubesi Pride Foundation was offered the chance to participate in three countries, involving friends of the Pride in three major cities, Lilongwe, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. First up was Lilongwe in Malawi. Rugby programme coordinator, Hein Ferreira, reached out to teachers at both Mngwangwa and Mzumanzi primary schools last Friday afternoon, showing them some fun mini rugby games, they would run themselves the following day… tournament day; which began with 90 children and staff brought to Lilongwe Golf Club on an open top bus!

Most have never made the journey outside the rural environment, let alone ventured into their capital city!

Here’s some photos from Saturday, which members of the Mzumanzi Zone told us “it really motivated our learners, teachers and the entire community, being part of this event”:

Hein Ferreira leads a coach education session in rural Lilongwe schools

Hein Ferreira leads a coach education session in rural Lilongwe schools

Hein Ferreira leads a coach education session in rural Lilongwe schools

Local coaches get prepared by trying out the games themselves

Final prep draws to a close under a beautiful Malawi sky

Set up time on tournament day, Lilongwe Golf Club

Pupils from rural Lilongwe arrive at the golf club in style

Coaches get the sessions started

Beat that ball!

Joshua and Shambashe

Joshua was, until recently, learning in a special educational needs environment at Lilongwe Demonstration School. Due solely to poor sight he was separated from the mainstream system, to give his academic development more time to progress. Charity trustee, Leanne Wafer, organised and paid for Joshua to have his eyes tested and get a pair of glasses. He is now back in mainstream classes and, according to his mother, “he is doing very well”. He joined other pupils on Saturday in rugby games at the tournament.

Evasive running on show

Englishman, Ray Stephenson, sent out rugby shirts for our Malawi coaches

A visit to the schools in rural Lilongwe on Wednesday to show a video of their schools in action

DHL gear ready to use again

Mzumanzi teaching staff

Uniting communities through rugby
Empowering staff & young leaders
Inspiring long-term development

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