Pride Ambassador Program kicks off!

Saturday, 16.Apr.2016

Our Pride Ambassador Program kicks off today!

To recognise the continued success and impact of Bhubesi Pride Foundation in Africa, the charity has responded to the requests of many to ‘do more’ and ‘stay connected’. As part of a mutually beneficial relationship between the charity and 54 inspired individuals, the program sees our Pride Ambassadors engaging in activities which assist the charity and its stakeholders, with an initiative which gives just as much back.

The below provides a summary…

Pride Ambassador responsibilities:

  • Lead events and talks at clubs, businesses and schools where they live, to raise funds and awareness for the charity
  • Inspire great people to apply to join the Pride in Africa
  • Promote the charity on social media
  • Introduce the charity to relevant commercial partners


  • Receive a Bhubesi Pride Foundation branded tie (men) or scarf (ladies) and a lapel pin
  • Access to their own unique Pride Ambassador number
  • An opportunity to join the Pride in Africa for one week on the next exped (based on the total funds raised collectively by all Pride Ambassadors)

Maggie Alphonsi MBE

To launch our Pride Ambassador Program, the charity is thrilled to announce that Maggie Alphonsi MBE – World Cup winner with England in 2014 – will be joining our 2016 Pride coaches in South Africa from 16th to 21st June.

“This program has immense potential. Our group of Pride Ambassadors – which could yet grow – consists of businessmen and women, representatives from our sponsors, people so inspired by the work we do and, of course, past and present Pride members who’ve given their time in Africa coaching rugby and empowering communities.

My hope is that this initiative gives people a vehicle to channel their energy and enthusiasm for Bhubesi Pride Foundation, Africa, rugby and the many communities we connect with. We’re already seeing people getting out to schools, doing talks and presentations, running events or participating in marathons and collecting much needed equipment. We’ll keep our Pride Ambassadors connected and updated via platforms which enable them to share ideas and make things happen!

To have Maggie join us in South Africa really shows the credibility of what we’re all trying to achieve and I look forward to having another Pride Ambassador join the team in 2017!”

Richard Bennett, Founder & MD, Bhubesi Pride Foundation

Here’s a list of who’s in, each making an initial donation of between GBP £35 and £500, with a selection of images of Pride Ambassadors in action…

  • Maggie Alphonsi
  • Leandi Ferreira
  • Elanie Kruger

Elanie Kruger

  • Alan & Linda Lawson
  • Gordon McMillan
  • Patrick Farrell
  • Gail Walker
  • John Goldhill
  • Barry Neville
  • Tony Wessels
  • Oliver and Dominic Munns

Dom and Oli Munns

  • Richard Bennett
  • Edward Cave
  • Ben Illingworth

Ben Illingworth

  • Daniel Lantos

Daniel Lantos

  • Craig & George Chapman
  • Harald Flohr
  • Jan Westerholz
  • Ben Merison

Ben Merison

  • Guillaume Boisseau
  • Sune Dogan

Sune Dogan

  • Cameron Dunn
  • Richie Almond

Richie Almond

  • Bosman du Plessis
  • Rupert Neville
  • Finn Sims
  • Sally Bennett
  • Mark Cole

Mark Cole

  • David & Samantha Munns
  • Angus Murphy
  • Zachary Webb
  • Diego Lacroix

Diego Lacroix

  • Steve Roach
  • Jason Clarke
  • Jake MccGwire
  • Ollie Johnson-Walker
  • Russell Suter
  • Matt Coupar
  • Ben Slater
  • Tendai Horton
  • James Herbert

James Herbert

  • Robin Cave
  • CJ Leffler
  • Alex Heslop

Alex Heslop

  • Tim Brear
  • Jim Bushby
  • Michelle Hurrell

Michelle Hurrell

  • Ryan Cummings
  • Rolando Carmona
  • Niel Graham

For information on joining the charity as a Pride Ambassador, please get in touch.

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