G4S Namibia continues to support its community

Monday, 05.Dec.2016

In an exciting update from Namibia, through our partners G4S Namibia, we’re so pleased to report that follow-up community visits are continuing to take place, reviewing and monitoring the excellent initiatives which were launched this year.

“G4S Namibia is proud to be part of Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s annual project work, as well as with our legacy project, JJ’s Care Centre – an Edu-Therapy Facility for special needs children. G4S Namibia employs the ‘best people’, develops their competence, provides opportunities and inspires them to live our values.

Through Bhubesi Pride Foundation and our legacy project work, we have the opportunity to unite our different communities, invest in our youth and thus invest in our future as well as theirs. We are privileged to be able to invest in all children, whether special needs or not, to enable them to develop to their fullest potential, empower them through education and inspire them to be the best people they can be.

We’re looking forward to 2017 and taking this project to even bigger heights.”

Dries Kannemeyer, Managing Director, G4S Namibia

G4S Namibia

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G4S Namibia

G4S Namibia

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