Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

Monday, 05.Jun.2017

  • Name: Gwen Harry
  • Role: G4S Botswana Office Manager and Country Program Leader for Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s Botswana expedition leg
  • Based: Gaborone, Botswana

Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

Reflecting on her role for G4S Botswana and with Bhubesi Pride Foundation over the last five years, Gwen is quick to note she’s seen it grow in leaps and bounds. However, what stays with her is its legacy.

“Most importantly, since 2013, I’ve seen first-hand the Bhubesi Pride Foundation program have an ongoing impact on children’s lives. There are children I know who have had the opportunity to take part for three or four years running. I’ve watched them develop rugby skills from a grass-roots level, to standing out as star players during games.

At the same time, these children support their teammates out on the pitch – which shows their understanding of the important life-skills and values we teach them.”

Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

When it comes time for Gwen to make the call for volunteers amongst her colleagues to support with coaching week, all she has to do is say the word, and there’s a lot of interest from the dedicated staff at G4S Botswana.

“What motivates us to want to get involved with the Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s project work is that the majority of the children we work with come from underprivileged backgrounds. Knowing the struggles the children face tugs at our heart strings but, what we’ve learned, is that sport can help close the gap between the haves and have-nots. Sports like rugby cross all borders.”

“Another highlight for our team at G4S Botswana is to be there to support the Pride coaches – being on the ground working together is what makes the program a success. We are so thankful for everything that the Pride coaches do; they give so much of their time, they work hard and they do it all with a smile.”

“It’s really special to watch Pride coaches from so many different countries interact with the children – I think it opens the children’s minds and shows them a different world to what they know.”

Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

Year-round, Gwen throws herself behind other G4S Botswana community projects which tie in with the long-term goals of Bhubesi Pride Foundation, ensuring its sustainability.

Thanks to G4S Botswana and other key BPF partners, such as the Botswana Rugby Union, schools and facilities in the local community where the Pride coaches each year, are reviewed and maintained, ensuring health and safety standards are met.

Faces of the Pride: Gwen Harry

Giving back through these types of initiatives is what drives Gwen, especially when the results put a smile on someone’s face.

“Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s visit to Gaborone is always busy for my team but I try to make sure I take some time to sit and watch everyone enjoying a coaching session.

It is so rewarding to see you are a part of something which is helping to make a difference in a child’s life.”

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