BPF’s reach in 2017

Thursday, 26.Oct.2017

A big thank you to this year’s Pride of coaches, our G4S colleagues, our Pride Partners, the schools and their administrators and, of course, all our superstar young players, coaches, referees and teachers.

Here’s what we achieved, together:

  • African countries: 9
  • Project/program locations: 16
  • Schools and communities: 71
  • Participating children: 4,661
  • % individual children returning to daily coaching clinics: 85%
  • Boy / girl ratio: 64 / 36
  • Coaches empowered: 186

Bhubesi Pride Foundation | Rugby in Africa

What progress are we making?

We are steadily increasing the number of schools and communities we work with, but it’s important we do so responsibly. As we look ahead to the next few years, we’ll turn our focus to better understanding how we can create more achievable pathways for young people to stay in rugby, as players, coaches, referees or administrators. We’re also working more closely with clubs and partner organisations to assist processes.

BPF - 2012 - 2017

Inspiring a legacy

All our Pride members and Pride Partners are integral to the impact our work is having. We very much enjoy the collaborations and contributions of all whom we work with and momentum is building with more great people and organisations assisting the quality of what we deliver in Africa.

Bhubesi Pride Foundation | Rugby in Africa

We plan to grow the game in Africa and see the sport increasingly as a tool for personal and professional development. In Malawi, for example, we aim to build a sustainable program for rugby and community development, connecting schools and clubs, which will ultimately be strengthened by a community centre we’re establishing in rural Lilongwe, with local Malawians fully involved and benefitting.

Bhubesi Pride Foundation | Rugby in Africa

Get involved

We’re planning for 2018’s project and have started assembling our team of volunteers (Pride members) for 2019. And projects in Malawi and elsewhere in Africa are keeping us very busy, too!

Bhubesi Pride Foundation | Rugby in Africa

Get in touch, #makeithappen, #joinourjourney and, as Pablo Dobrowolski says, #becomethechange:

Uniting communities through rugby
Empowering staff & young leaders
Inspiring long-term development

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