Malawi Build Project: Final prep, key people & making it happen

Saturday, 04.Aug.2018

Since April, Bhubesi Pride Foundation has been furthering its plans in Lilongwe to establish a sports and education facility on the Mzumanzi 7-acre plot the charity purchased in May. 

In recent months, Tim Mahoney has joined the team in an official capacity as Consultant Project Manager, taking a lead on the charity’s overall build activities. Charity director, Sergio Pinto, continues to provide his expertise and network, Felix Mhone has won our first building contract – for the perimeter wall – and Paul Jackson has been influential through his business, providing a bulldozer to level the site and working with us to fabricate the steel required for the clubhouse.

In this second video instalment, BPF Founder Richard Bennett documents some of the notable discussions and activities key to the overall build project process.

Tim Mahoney has created these working designs to assist consultations with partnering contractors…

Site plan

  • Full-size rugby pitch
  • Netball & volleyball courts
  • Clubhouse, including changing rooms, storage & office
  • Education spaces
  • Accommodation village

3D site view


Accommodation village

Rugby pitch, accommodation, clubhouse

Uniting communities through rugby
Empowering staff & young leaders
Inspiring long-term development

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