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What’s it like to coach with the Pride in Africa?

To answer that question... here's a few thoughts from some of our Pride members... Living, Playing & Coaching with the Pride If you feel that you, or someone you know, would make a great Pride member, apply today for a chance to join the charity and contribute to our goals in Africa.

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Pride eyes: Zambia

Words: Hal Sparke Images: Matea Ilieva & Michael Hendricks Edited by: Michael Hendricks The Pride left Malawi with high hopes after a successful two weeks based in Lilongwe. We headed to our next destination – Zambia. After a long journey and a ...

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Meet & be inspired

This year, BPF Media Producer, Matea Ilieva, is giving us a unique insight into the work we do by offering you the chance to meet the inspirational people we engage. In this video playlist, meet Linet from The Shamas Rugby Foundation in Nairobi, Juma in Arusha, David from Maputo Rugby Club, Barbara in Jinja, Kenyan coaches, our Project Manager, Sofia and ...

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Pride eyes: Lilongwe, Malawi

Words: Olivia Cooper Images: Matea Ilieva Edited by: Michael Hendricks After a fun-filled, sun-soaked week in Tofo, the group flew to Lilongwe for our 2-week program here. First, we'd be taking a retraining week to assess our progress so far, as Pride coaches, and establish what steps we ...

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Pride eyes: Maputo, Mozambique

Words: Michael Hendricks Images: Matea Ilieva Edited by: Michael Hendricks We knew that Mozambique would be a big change for us; a marked departure from the way we’ve been doing things, in everything from the language to our ...

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