Legacy projects

Contributing to Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s goal to INSPIRE, the charity is working hard to initiate relevant and sustainable ‘legacy projects’ in Africa. These aim to complement the ongoing community programmes our volunteers (Pride members) are part of every year.

We’re creating and realising new ideas all the time. We hope to inspire you, your friends, colleagues and family to support us in making these amazing projects happen.

Help us make our Malawi Legacy Build Project a reality

Malawi Legacy Project

We have a vision to create a sustainable education and sports facility which aims to feature the following elements on a plot in rural Lilongwe:

  • rugby pitch
  • netball court
  • communal spaces for teaching and learning
  • clubhouse facilities (kitchen, social areas, changing rooms)
  • basic accommodation

Through our committed network, the charity has already started raising significant funds to help make this happen. We’ve identified a plot and assembled a committee to oversee the build process. If you would like to donate or provide expertise, please get in touch with us.

Legacy projects achieved so far

Township schools community library

Township schools community library, South Africa

  • Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa
  • Implementation partner: G4S SA (Bloemfontein regional office)
  • Launch date: June 2015

Improved school facilities (ablutions and security)

Improved school facilities, Botswana

  • Location: Gaborone, Botswana
  • Implementation partner: G4S Botswana
  • Launch date: May 2015

Children centre improvements

JJ Care Centre - Centre for children with mental and physical disabilities

  • Description: Working with a host of contributors and driven by G4S Namibia, significant improvements have been made at a centre which supports children with mental and physical disabilities
  • Location: Walvis Bay, Namibia (JJ Care Centre)
  • Implementation partner: G4S Namibia
  • Initiated: May 2016

Environmental awareness activities

School environmental awareness initiatives (Uganda and Namibia)

  • Description: School environmental awareness initiatives, including tree planting and recycling programmes
  • Locations: Jinja, Uganda; Rehoboth and Swakopmund, Namibia
  • Implementation partners: G4S Uganda and G4S Namibia
  • Launch date: February 2015 (Uganda) and June 2014 and 2015 (Namibia)

Information technology

IT suite and installation of 25 refurbished computers, Zambia

  • Description: IT suite and installation of 25 refurbished computers
  • Location: Nahumba Basic School, Choma, Zambia
  • Implementation partners: G4S Zambia and Camara
  • Launch date: May 2014

Township school netball court

Netball court at township school, South Africa

  • Location: Emzomncane Primary, Zwide, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Implementation partners: United Through Sport South Africa (UTSSA) and Sedbergh School (Cumbria, UK)
  • Launch date: July 2013

Multi-purpose astro turf sports pitch

Multi-purpose sports pitch, township school, South Africa

  • Location: Astra Primary, Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Implementation partners: United Through Sport South Africa and Sedbergh School (Cumbria, UK)
  • Launch date: July 2016

Planned legacy projects

Over the next two years, Bhubesi Pride Foundation is inviting others to join its journey to help facilitate other worthy legacy projects. Ranging in cost – from initial implementation through to annual running expenses – all are achievable, relevant and represent long-term community impact.

CPD learning and leadership

CPD learning and leadership

Academic facilities

Academic facilities

Sports spaces

Sports spaces

‘Man and a van’

'Man and a van'

Community centre

Community centre

Rugby academy

Rugby academy

Each legacy project is targeted for different locations in Africa, where Bhubesi Pride Foundation has operations, a trusted network and has identified a clear need. In all cases, the charity works alongside local people and collaboratively develops long-term implementation strategies and integrated review processes.

For more information and to get involved, contact us, otherwise please make a donation.

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