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All our coverage in SA Rugby Magazine this year

A HUGE thank you to SA Rugby Magazine and in particular to Editor, Simon Borchardt, for all his hard work in piecing together our monthly articles in the magazine. Here's all the articles, dating from November last year to August 2013: August 2013 July 2013...

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We’re on Rugbydump!

It's always exciting when Rugby in Africa gets recognition in the press, but we're especially pleased when Rugbydump features our initiative. Bhubesi Pride works with a large network of pupils, staff, teachers, coaches and rugby unions, NGOs, schools, clubs and government departments, so it's fantastic for all to be acknowledged. Here, 'RD' addresses our ongoing recruitment process for next year's team ...

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IRB Total Rugby TV – Videos Part Three and Part Four

For those of you following Bhubesi Pride this year, you might have come across the Pride's Rugby in Africa mission on community rugby TV programme IRB Total Rugby. The show - broadcast all over the world - featured Bhubesi Pride's initiative in four separate programmes from March to July. Thanks to the Total Rugby team of producers, Bhubesi Pride can ...

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IRB Total Rugby – TV Feature Part 4

Catch up again with IRB Total Rugby TV's final feature from Bhubesi Pride's project in Africa this year, with team members Ben Merison, Richie Almond and Lisa White reflecting on a job well done and enjoyable, memorable experiences. IRB Total Rugby TV

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IRB Total Rugby – TV Feature Part 3

Catch up with IRB Total Rugby TV's latest feature from Bhubesi Pride's project in Africa, including activities in Malawi and Zambia. IRB Total Rugby TV

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