Ian MacEachern

Ian MacEachern

Key info

  • Age: 38
  • Nationality: English
  • Hometown: London and Jersey
  • Project participation: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique


Tackling his mum aged 6 was the beginning of Ian’s love affair with rugby – then 22 years with Jersey, Hampshire Schools, Durham University & The Black BaaBaas before his body couldn’t keep up. Taking the summer off from Finance Directorship, Ian looks forward to his adventure with the Pride!

Proud achievement

Being in one of the first groups to graduate from Jersey minis to play for Hampshire Schools U18 (understudying for Jonny Wilkinson)… they now get up to 500 children every Sunday!

Ian’s goal

“My goal is to share my passion and enthusiasm for rugby whilst embracing and being open to the adventure, in order to unite communities, bring smiles and help everyone feel good.”

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