Kristin Wagler

Kristin Wagler

Key info

  • Age: 31
  • Nationality: German
  • Hometown: Berlin
  • Project participation: Zambia and Malawi


Kristin has lived in Finland, Belgium and the UK, before Berlin became her home. She is a Software Project Manager and regularly coaches teams, even if it’s not in a sporty way. She loves all kinds of sport, especially when undertaken in exciting places all over the world.

Proud achievement

Sport was not initially part of Kristin’s life until someone very special to her inspired Kristin to change things for the better. This turnaround is something she is very proud of.

Kristin’s goal

“I strongly believe in the great power of ‘team’ and I hope to contribute a great deal to creating a memorable experience, filled with smiles, encouragement, inspiration and fun!”

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