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Our Vision & Goals

Through our transformational legacy projects and unique volunteering programs, we’re building on our success to invest in communities, seeing rugby as a tool for change

As an ambitious rugby charity, we’re here to uplift and develop African communities through the sport. We’ve amassed unrivalled expertise in the rugby-for-good field, an extensive stakeholder base in Africa and a remarkable global support network. We aim to strengthen selected country projects, collaborating with partnering communities to run seasonal programs, backed by appropriate resourcing.

We possess a determined resolve to succeed. Just imagine what we can achieve, now, building on activities to-date. To increase the impact we plan to make and maintain, support our efforts to enable exponential growth and witness change first-hand.

Join us on our journey as we implement this vision to support sustainable rugby and education programs for the long-term.


Unite communities through rugby

Working with schools, partnering organisations, clubs and unions, we aim to:

  • Provide a safe and accessible platform for children (boys and girls) to enjoy playing fun rugby
  • Incorporate supplementary educational activities, life skills and promote our PRIDE values
  • Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages
  • Where possible or appropriate, introduce other sports

Empower local coaches

We’re passionate about empowerment. By encouraging local participation, we aim to:

  • Develop transferrable teaching skills for use on the sports field and in the classroom
  • Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls
  • Provide relevant resources – equipment, coaching guides, expertise and funding – to contribute to program growth
  • Coordinate input from international educators to train local players, coaches and referees (male and female), helping to grow the game in Africa
  • Enable opportunities for African coaches to travel to other African countries, embracing our ethos to learn and share

Inspire change

Whilst we’re growing the game of rugby in Africa, sport also serves as a powerful tool for change. Through a growing support network of volunteers, donors and partners, we aim to:

  • Create systems and pathways for participating children to remain in the game
  • Identify responsible members of the community capable of taking on paid positions with the charity, in a strategic effort to achieve long-term program goals
  • Ensure the success of the charity’s Malawi community centre by implementing effective youth sports programs, competitive leagues and inclusive education workshops and courses (for all ages)
  • Evaluate the feasibility of initiating similar build projects, or other resilient legacy projects, in other country locations, to meet the needs of the community

Our Pride Values

A structure we embody and promote.











Our 3-step strategy

How we achieve our vision - together

Join Our Journey

You have three incredibly exciting ways to help make an impact with Bhubesi Pride Foundation. Choose how you’d like to join our journey.

Volunteering Options


Coach rugby and experience Africa on our unique overland expedition. Volunteer and stay at our Malawi community centre, individually or arrange a group visit

Volunteering options
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Choose to sponsor any of the latest legacy projects we’re initiating or supporting and help us make a lasting impact

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Support the growth and sustainability of our work by making a donation today

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Join the Expedition

Be a big part of the very special, and original, journey which has seen us earn universal recognition and inspire a global rugby community.

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